Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to school

Back at the track last night for the 1st term of 2015/16 was like 1st day back at school. Sergiu headed for the hills of Romania in search of some thin air for the summer and left a lot of us scratching our heads wondering where to turn to so the first night back was a bit of a wake up call. Summer is a time to down tools a bit (for the non elite) and the disappearance of the Wednesday night session left some of us rudderless and scrambling for the easy life. Non structured running and racing was the order of the day - a summer of hard focused training could at this point have left me uninterested (disinterested?? huh?) and stuggling to keep interested for the winter months. The beauty of the running season is it goes all year round so your never far from the action when you decide to get back to work.

It was giddy at the school gates diluted only by the nervous tension of what the headman was going to throw at us and just like homework it was up to ourselves what effort we'd put in. Fortunately or unfortunately the effort I put in here is leaving my school days with a bit to be desired and I'm thinking maybe I should go back and do the leaving cert.

Kicking off with the first of three mile repeats left me cross eyed, jelly legged and bemused. Not knowing what to expect beforehand I thought I'd be near my average mile times for last year, I wasn't but not too bad considering the break.

The old 'what the fuck are you doing' voice turned up for the start of mile 2, I couldn't answer so I just kept at it. If you can't go fast go hard regardless. There's only one more after this one (gulp).

Mile three was a misery fest - lock up with lactate, clock's going quicker, the legs get tangled and the struggle to keep form is as hard as the struggle to keep pace. All this while a repousse artist pounded out a masterpiece right where my heart used to be.

A few easy laps later or call it lunch break and into a few 400's to finish us off.  I headed home with legs feeling like they'd been caned and that I was the only unfortunate (misfortunate?? huh?) one that got the lactic acid treatment but just like head lice I think we all got it at some stage.

These sessions (I read an article recently that reasoned they are not 'speed' sessions as 'speed' is the pace you might run if you had a gun pointed at you at close range and while this might be impressive you would probably have slowed down after 15/20 seconds to a more fatal pace which isn't great for training the body to run 10 miles at a relatively even pace and while 'interval' is a name that could be used, it is important to remember that the interval is the easy bit and the other bit is the hard bit. Mixing them around would have a devastating affect on the plans for your next pb, ha.) are a great focal point for the week and go some way to keeping motivated for the extracurricular stuff that goes on for the rest of the time - easy runs, long runs and the like. luckily unlike school it's only one hour a week and not 34.

Now where's the calendar, must try and make the cross country team?


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